Unlike other hemostatic gauze dressings, ChitoGauze quickly stops bleeding while also offering antibacterial protection against a wide range of microorganisms. HemCon ChitoGauze is effective in protecting against micoorganisms such as MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter baumannii.

This highly flexible dressing readily conforms to varying wound surfaces to rapidly seal the wound site and stop bleeding. The z-folded configuration of the ChitoGauze makes for easy handling and rapid application unlike a roll which requires finding the start of the dressing. The chitosan in ChitoGauze binds red blood cells and platelets on the dressing’s surface which provides for localized clotting independently from the normal clotting cascade. This localized clotting within the ChitoGauze mitigates risk of emboli formation. ChitoGauze is non-exothermic, producing no additional heat that would cause additional tissue damage.

  • Stops arterial and venous bleeding in seconds;
  • Advanced hemostatic agent combined with the simplicity of gauze;
  • Powerful, yet cool, so it won't burn;
  • Used in conjunction with direct pressure;
  • Latex free;
  • Pliable to pack into even penetrating traumatic wounds;
  • Flexible to cover any size or shape;
  • Non-allergenic;
  • No mixing. No measuring.
  • No heat;
  • Easy to use and remove once clotting occurs;
  • X-ray detectable;
  • Military shelf-life (Approximately 5 years);

Latex Free


Manufacturer: Tricol Biomedical Inc. Tricol Biomedical Inc.
Product number:



Certificates: Latex Free, Sterile Latex Free, Steril
Size: 7.5 cm x 3.7 m / 3" x 4y 10 cm x 3.6 m
Color: White White
Country of origin: USA USA
NATO Stock number: 6510-01-591-7740 6510-01-591-7740
Quantity: 1 100
Weight: 20 g 3 kg