The Abdominal Aortic & Junctional Tourniquet has several functions: 

Abdominal Use:
AAJT-S compresses the abdominal aorta when applied at the mid-abdomen to control bleeding in the pelvis, groin, and legs.

The AAJT-S compresses the subclavian artery to shut off the blood supply like a faucet.

The AAJT-S can be positioned to stop bleeding for left or right lower leg hemorrhages.

Pelvic Fractures:
The AAJT-S is cleared to stabilize the pelvis and can reduce the size of the abdominal cavity that the patient can bleed into.

REBOA - Zone 3:
The AAJT-S has been proven to be equivalent to Zone 3 REBOA* when applied at the mid-abdominal level.


CE Mark


Manufacturer: Compression Works
Product number: CL-000265
Certificates: CE
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Color: Blak
Country of origin: USA
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