The FS-3 is an easily moldable fiberglass splint that can be activated with water and hardens in less than three minutes. Its strength and molding abilities make the FS-3 highly versatile; it has potential uses in multiple applications.

The FastSet-3 can actually be form-fitted for displaced bones that can't be realigned, or for dislocated joints. The FS-3 provides it’s patient with the ideal orthopedic splinting experience. It combines the easy application of utility splints with the advantages of a fiberglass cast.

The patient can be immobilized moments after the first responder arrives. The inside of the splint has a soft moisture wicking lining, for comfortable skin contact.  During the 2 to 3 minutes it takes for the splint to set up, you can gently form the FS-3. This allows the responder to get the ideal combination of stability and patient comfort.  

The Fast Set-3 is x-ray-translucent, so it can be left in place until a final disposition on how best to manage the injury is reached. The FastSet-3 is packaged in a sealed, easy to open bag. Each unit includes easy open tear holes, which allow for fast night applications.

Kits are available so that activation and the ability to secure the splint is on hand.  

Several sizes available.

FDA Certified
CE Mark


Manufacturer: FareTec Inc
Product number: IM-0015
Certificates: FDA, CE Mark
Size: 10 x 38 x 1 cm 
Color: White, Green
Country of origin: USA
NATO Stock number:  N/A
Quantity: 10
Weight: 195 g