Head Immobiliser in Day Glo Orange

Supplied complete with base plate, 2 head blocks and 2 head and chin straps

As regularly seen on the BBC's 'Casualty'

  • Easy to keep clean and to disinfect
  • Material is impervious to blood and other fluids
  • Comfortable for the Patient
  • Will fit all makes of spineboard and scoop type stretcher
  • Spare parts always in stock (base, straps, blocks)

Use With Spine Board or on its own.

This Helps Prevent Movement Of The Head and Side Blocks Velcro Into Place on the Base. Side Holes To Assist In Communication

A very durable head immobiliser in a high visibility orange colour. The whole thing has welded seams to ensure that the immobiliser is impervious to bodily fluids and can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

The price includes head bed (base), head blocks and head and chin straps. The size and shape is compatible with most modern spine boards and can be easily attached.

The blocks and straps will also fit into the SP Collar carry (CC/050) bag along with a set of 6 one piece collars, allowing you to keep all equipment required for a C-spine immobilisation together for easy and quick access in an emergency.


Manufacturer: SP Services UK Ltd. 
Product number: IM-0014
Certificates: x
Size: x
Color: Orange
Country of origin: UK
NATO Stock number: x
Quantity: 1
Weight: 1 kg