The NORSE RESCUE® Light Medic Bag is a large and practical backpack designed for carrying your essential medic equipment. It offers ample space and organization options to accommodate your supplies. (Content sold separately)

For added comfort, the Light Medic Bag is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, ensuring a comfortable fit even when carrying heavy gear. This feature helps distribute the weight evenly and reduces strain on your shoulders.

The front of the bag features a Velcro area where you can attach your desired bag patch (NORSE RESCUE® bag patch sold separately), allowing you to personalize your bag.



Manufacturer: EMSRUN
Product number: BA-128
Size: 48 x 35 x 7 cm
Color: Coy
NATO Stock number:  N/A
Country of Origin: Denmark/China
Quantity: 1 pc
Weight: 1,2 kg